A first for betting

The first platform allowing you to purchase
a bet as a gift for someone on a special occasion,
with a physical gift card and betting slip delivered
straight to their door.

Easy to use website

Giftmybet’s website allows even the most irregular gamblers to find the perfect gift in time for game day. All you will need to do is type in their favourite (or least favourite if they have a good sense of humour) team and related gifts will appear. We don’t want you to come onto our website and be bombarded by irrelevant gifts or offers, we want you to arrive at a place that is relevant to you.


Find the perfect gift

Choosing a gift from our wide range of odds couldn’t be easier. Our unique questioning process will help you find a bet that will be tailored to everyones interests, you’ll simply be asked 3 questions that will refine and tailor the results to the recipients interests.


Advanced search functionality

Recommended Betting

3 question process to help find the correct bet for your friend or family

Live Chat

Helpful staff to find what you are looking for or generate something more specific


For customers who use betting sites regularly

Last minute gifts

Don’t worry if the clock is running down, we can deliver last minute gifts to the doors or phones of your mates. Whether you have days or hours, we won’t let you gamble on finding the right gift. With next day delivery to the door or if you have left it to the last minute let us send a message in the meantime and deliver the gift only a day later.

Seamless delivery

A personalised greeting card and bet will be delivered to their door in time for the big day. This will be delivered in a branded envelope and you won’t have to do any of the work, other than picking the winning ticket.