Finding our first investor

For any start up finding investment to get your idea off the ground is often the most challenging, and like most entrepreneurs none of us had a won the lottery or been given an unlimited pot of money by our parents.
We explored a number of different avenues (including the lottery) before we came to the decision that we were going to crowdfund. We felt it was the route that gave us the best chance of securing our target investment. The process of crowdfunding has been an arduous but will soon be rewarding (we hope) it has taken us from building a crowd from scratch (thank goodness for social media), interacting with them and ultimately getting them to invest.

We have delved far and wide in our group of family, friends, teammates and old classmates to talk to people about our idea. Typically our first investor came from a very close source in the form of one of our mothers because she wouldn’t have got away from us without investing so ultimately wasn’t the hardest to convince. But to get to our target sadly we needed more than just a tight fisted mother, we had to work hard to run our plan in full past everyone and anyone but we have got there and the next stage will be easy, won’t it?