Our take on agile working

As a team, we work across the country, making a traditional work environment impossible. As a result we have ended up naturally adopting an agile approach. Here are the top 5 things that have helped us move forward as a team:

1.Face to face

While regular face to face meetings are not always possible, we have regular video conferences on a weekly basis and meet up on certain weekends focusing on key strategic issues and more.

2. Trello boards

We have tested several systems to organise workloads and priorities with varying levels of success. We settled with Trello which has been a great asset for keeping up to date with work progression on a daily and weekly basis and structuring team meetings.

3. Weekly sprints

I learnt about weekly sprints at my current job. Although usually undertaken on a 2 – 4-week basis, we have chosen to adopt a weekly basis, due to the fast-paced nature of crowdfunding, alongside Trello to structure activity.

4. Taking responsibility

Being a startup company, all team members are involved in a number of activities, from writing blogs to support our marketing strategy, speaking to investors and keeping track of the books. While all team members participate in all activities, we have taken advantage of the skills and experiences within the team and have individually taken ownership and responsibility of key business areas to focus on longer term strategies and for faster decision making.

5. Pace and flexibility

We are always looking to improve the way we work and optimise efficiency, due to the limited time we have available outside our usual full-time jobs.

Giftmybet is still at the start of its journey – take a look at how our agile approach has helped us so far