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Market Research

During the early stages of Giftmybet, the more time we spent talking to people about the idea, the more we realised that primary research was going to be essential for convincing people and investors that there is a buying behaviour for the product. Little did we know how much rejection we were each about to
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Our take on agile working

As a team, we work across the country, making a traditional work environment impossible. As a result we have ended up naturally adopting an agile approach. Here are the top 5 things that have helped us move forward as a team: 1.Face to face While regular face to face meetings are not always possible, we
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Finding our first investor

For any start up finding investment to get your idea off the ground is often the most challenging, and like most entrepreneurs none of us had a won the lottery or been given an unlimited pot of money by our parents. We explored a number of different avenues (including the lottery) before we came to
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