Making our first product

Being a company that provides a physical product, developing our first product has been an area of real focus for us. No one likes to be given a really bad gift that they have to pretend to be grateful for, therefore our primary aim was to make a product that had a high perceived value and complimented the physical gift, that basically doesn’t make you look like you have forgotten their birthday.

Our first stop was our one-man design team, Luke. After we had thrown some ideas around and decided on our tone of voice (still not really sure what this means) he designed a product that will give the recipient a satisfying and pleasant feeling when opening, with the chance to win a few quid inside.

The next step was to find a print company that could not only produce all our requirements but also deliver it fast and reliably, which lead us to our partnership with Printoff a web to print provider. They loved our concept, provided us with some useful feedback and brought our concept to life.

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