The Idea

The idea of buying a bet as a gift stemmed from our love for sport and the struggle to find an exciting or fun gift for a man, the man in this scenario was my brother Tom. I always found it hard to buy something good for him and usually just told him to go out and buy something he wanted and I would pay for it, this often meant I had to fork out way more than I bargained for and Tom had nothing tangible to open on his birthday.

So I thought I’d be a maverick and buy him a bet, I had so many good ideas, it was during the time Cardiff had flirted with promotion season after season. I thought I would buy him a bet on Cardiff to get promoted that season and then stay in the premier league the season after, but no betting shop had odds for this. I bombarded the cashier with a number of different options but every single one wasn’t available, I could only bet on events happening right now. While the queue built behind me in the unwelcoming and stuffy bookies I finally found one that was available, Wales to win the 2019 Rugby World Cup. At the time 4 years in advance but in hindsight the only one of my suggestions that is still in the running.

After this long and decidedly unpleasant encounter in the betting shop I still had to get a card. I then thought this would be much easier online and all in one place wouldn’t it? There is no more to this story, I chose a card and placed the betting slip inside then posted it to him in time for his Birthday. Once Tom had received the gift he called me and asked why I chose that bet specifically and from that question something clicked in both our minds and Giftmybet was born!

To find out how we are bringing this to market find out more here
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